Growth and Focus
I've started now to put exclusive posts 

here on Patreon, in this space

and i've had some new people take the plunge
I know its a bother signing up to some new website.

The way patreon website works  - its a little confusing 
like a subscription, but i'll be quick to refund any mistakes
I believe Patreon checks before it goes forward collecting pledges
through Paypal. Users of Patreon are Patrons

The idea is you are paying for my posts 
and/or contributing towards materials or costs
from my side i'll share what i am doing
and make dedications and offerings on your behalf

Having these Patrons makes my retreat plan more sustainable
will help me afford better quality fruits, nuts 
but i won't waste it on luxurious accommodation
I'll do my best to keep to minimalist principles

I'll do my best - at first this was only a seed
but now it may be growing into something good
that benefits the giver and receiver
Its not my need, its more my aspiration to grow

I've been called towards this journey for many years
and i've really had to complete the cycle of work
that leaves behind good holders - no lack or missing
just passing the torch of work to support the dharma

I think that doing and sharing can pioneer ideas
possibily, i can make mistakes, which i am good at
but i'm also good at recovering and turning these
into creative perspectives. Meditation is a perspective!