Gryphon Sketch Study
I don't think this one will end up being the final design for the next charm as it feels too stiff and inanimate, plus there are too many areas of white space for it to really work as a charm, the design is pretty bland and typical gryphon whereas i would like the next design to be a bit more unique.

The process of creating this has been recorded and will hopefully become a speedpaint. Once it does, Patrons will get the first pleasure of seeing it before I upload it to YouTube. I figure it would be another nice bonus perk for those that are supporting me <3

As for where I go from here. I want the gryphon to be featured with an object of interest of some form. What has been suggested to me so far is a goblet/chalice but i'm not sure how well I would be able to incorporate that other than having the gryphon clutching the goblet, which just seems boring...

My other train of thought goes to; does the gryphon have to be lion/eagle? Maybe something more 'cute' would be a good direction; a sparrow/kitten perhaps? 

Patrons, please feel free to add to my thought pool and help me with this! Especially those who are Tamers since you'll be getting this as a charm next month.