GTA V Thanos script mod released
*If you plan to cancel your pledge, don't do it before making login in game with your Patreon account :)

First public release version is ready for download :)

Mod in use:


You also can have Patreon privileges paying via Paypal balance:

or, for brazilians, via PagSeguro:

Don't forget to download the ped model that i use in my videos, the mod goes with a sample suit file for that ped model (ThanosIW_big):

More info about the mod (Features, hotkeys, etc.):

If you need HELP, send MESSAGE, don't make comments/posts, its harder to find the comments, i miss some. Messages are listed one by one in a beautiful list :)

In this version i added the "Snap fingers" attack and the Enemy/Ally features, also made some fixes and improvements.

I'm releasing the mod very close to the end of month so, case you was a proven 2usd patreon and can't download the mod in the month of June, send me message.

The script mod don't include suits, so, download and install one, the mod goes with a suit sample file for Thanos Infinity War model, there is a link in the suits subfolders.

*** Obs.: There is a know ISSUE for CHINA users, China's firewall blocks my site, so, china users need a VPN to login and use the mods that require Patreon login or send me the login link via message. ***