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Guard Frequency Episode 100 | Justin And Probs

Hey guys, Lennon here. Each week I write up the show notes into a blog post, dutifully summarising our discussions and antics on the show so you can go into the episode you’ve just downloaded fully informed of the chaos that’s about to unfold. This time, I have absolutely no idea. A few weeks back, Ben “First Verse Problems” Sanders and our community manager “The Chiv” came to us and said that they had an idea for episode 100, but they couldn’t tell us what it was. For some reason, Tony decided to greenlight it. So here we are — Guard Frequency episode 100. As much of a surprise to us hosts and the vast majority of the crew as it will be for you, but I have been told you can sit back, relax, and… how did Ben put it? “Enjoy the best show Guard Frequency has ever made. Oh, and a special thanks to Ronald Jenkees for his permission to use him in the show”. Whatever that means.

Topics Discussed


Mini Jump-points

Coffee machine descaler

Getting naked

Our favourite parts of Star Wars


Listener Call-Ins

… and more!