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Guard Frequency Episode 144 | De Plane! De Plane! … with Millions of Nostalgic Sheep

In this week’s Squawk Box, we discuss everyone’s favourite fighter! No, not the Scorpion, the other one. Next, we check out what news from your favourite space sims has hit the Flight Deck as we cover:

What Ben Lesnick’s been up to and the latest Around The Verse in Star Citizen
A second alien crash site has been found in Elite: Dangerous, this one surrounded by living and dead unidentified artifacts
And backer-level-upgrades and mod support for Infinity: Battlescape.
After that we’re debating pop-culture references in games before finally tuning into the Feedback Loop and letting you join in on the conversation.

This Week’s Community Question

Are developer-created “Easter Eggs” referencing other IPs tributes to historical legacies and extra bonuses for fans? Or are they just immersion breaking laziness to make up for mediocre world-building?
Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!