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Guard Frequency Episode 150 | The Guard Frequency Bunch
Woo, we made it! The big 150! To celebrate, we decided to take to the Twitch and broadcast our show live, and in video! We filled the stream with as many past and present Guard Frequency cast and crew and did the show a little more free-form than usual. As a result, this episode available for download is the raw, unleashed Guard Frequency… experience. Yes, experience. We’ll call it that. In this week’s episode, we cover a couple of Squawk Box articles including the AI that wrote a Christmas Nightmare, why robot children are better than actual children, the organ from Nantuckett and a quick update on the Scorpion. After that, we talk Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen (although in retrospect it was mainly Elite: Dangerous) and give a few details on the Guard Frequency Flight School.

This Week’s Community Question

What are your thoughts on a Guard Frequency flight school? Is this a Patreon Perk you’d be interested in? What sort of things would you like to see?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!