Guardian at the Loch: Poem
Guardian at the Loch

Written March 21, 2017 for April release

Water laying soft and still

Grey beneath the leaden sky

Mists winding through the trees

Up from the loch so dread

Fingers running up the back

Of the hoping tourists pining,

Wishing for just a glimpse

Of that wedge shaped head

Do you know what you ask

Pulling there at warp and weft

Demanding of the mysteries

To make a snarl in the thread

Just for you, to have a taste

Of the magic of days gone by

Scoffing and hoping in turn

For what could be dead

Turn away, oh ye Man

Hang your head and cry

For what was once but is lost

And what is left in its stead

You cut the veins to bleed

Lay open the planet’s bones

Drop poison into the blood

And leave it there to spread

Is it any wonder that we

Have lost the eyes to see

What swims before us now

The woesome guardian said

Yet still you lift your eye

Impertinent, lusty, and rude

Cast your gaze over the wave

Hoping for an eye ruby red

Do you know what you ask

Or even what you seek

Is it a monster or is it meek

Gliding soft from bed to bed

The sun finally sets His eye

On the water murky cold

Sliding down beneath the earth

She and the Sea once more to wed

At that moment, once more the gate

Opens to the realm of Man

Shadowed echoes again to grow

And in Myth, be embed