Guardians: From Almost Animation to Hiatus Hell
I've talked a small amount about my struggle with sound design. It is consistently one of my weakest skills. It is also why I have decided to halt progress on my animated Guardians story.

Let's go into detail, shall we?

The majority of my animated projects are almost all contained in the time frame of when I attended school. It's not rocket science; I had technology to handle animation while at school. When I left, I had a laptop with photoshop and nothing else. 

When 2016 started, I told myself this was the year of animation for me. I acquired a new desktop that could handle animation and streaming, two things I've been wanting to do for years but never had the right equipment. However, when it came to pre-production, I realized I had next to no idea how to actually handle sound design. 

This is not my first animation with sound, but it's the first time I took it seriously. You can be an amazing animator or layout artist or produce spectacular effects, but the animation is only as strong as each of its parts working in harmony. When one part is out of sync, the entire product suffers. I pride what I produce enough that I do not want to half-ass any single part.

There's resources out there for me to utilize when it comes to sound effects and soundtrack, but I did not know where to start. I found a few places, but I still felt it wasn't enough. There was also the added problem of dialogue. Dialogue needs voice acting. While I intentionally made a small cast for the project to make voice acting less nightmareish, it was still an undertaking that weighed me down.

Overall, it halted my work.

I recently talked about attending a panel at a convention to expand my knowledge, and it helped a lot. It also helped me make a decision. 

As someone who is weak in sound design, I do not want to make my first big animation project in years to be something that relied on continuity and quality. Instead, I would rather focus on one to two minute animations that do not have a continuity and do not need as much pre-production. I feel that dropping the series and working on shorts will enhance my skills better with less pressure on myself to produce a good quality product.

I will state now that I do not want to abandon "Guardians" forever. I consider it a familiar story with an unconventional end. Since I already have a clear vision of its plot line summarized, I don't see myself abandoning it anywhere in the near future. But, until then, I probably won't work on it.

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