Guardians Challenge is go!
Hello again everyone, as promised, it's contest time! As head of Team Guardians, i speak for me and my artist Alex Garcia when I say when we want to continue Guardians AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! So, the quicker we reach our $900 milestone, the better. But I don't just want you to pledge to help us out (though we of course appreciate that), we want you to feel you're getting worth out of your pledges. So, we're going to do a special contest. If we make it to our goal, $900 per issue, by the end of the month. We will give out Guardians #1-#3 to every Patron who helped us. That's right, three comics for free! Four technically if you including Guardians #0 which is already free. This way, you'll not only be helping make the next issue, Guardians #4, but you'll be completely caught up on the series, and hopefully be eager for the next issue! Not enough? Ok. If we reach our goal, some lucky Patrons will receive a FREE Guardians T-Shirt!!! How many lucky Patrons? We'll see won't we? Let's get to the milestone first, then we'll see how much we can indulge! The picture above is the one that'll be one of the T-Shirts though, I can tell you that! So, there you go. let the contest begin. Spread the word to everyone you think will help. Every little bit helps, and I hope we reach our goal soon!
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