Guerrillas (Chapter 1)
As part of my five-day celebration of hitting 50,000 followers, here's the opening chapter of my Masters dissertation: written for a young adult audience, and particularly for the neurodiverse. A brief outline:


Special education has never looked like this.

Britain as we know it lies destroyed. Only a dozen people remain to fight for its imprisoned population. Eight of them are teenagers who escaped the attack on their special school.

Ewan West is smart as hell in the battlefield. But he has grown up in a world that sees him as no more than a defiant teenage screw-up with academic learning difficulties and enormous personal issues. Now he leads the Guerrillas: a makeshift army hidden in the abandoned countryside, and Britain’s last opposition to an innumerable army of cloned soldiers. He and his classmates have much to fight against – inside and out – in order to free the prisoners in New London Citadel.

But their war is as complex as the characters who fight it. Personal challenges aside, how do you defeat a factory-grown army that outnumbers you by at least a million? The answer may lie in an impossible woman rescued by the Guerrillas, who claims to know the secret to destroying New London’s clone factory.

In an era where fictional representations of neurodiversity and disability are on the rise, Guerrillas goes beyond tokenism and introduces a whole cast of teenagers who think differently, balancing their inbuilt advantages with their personal challenges.

Enjoy! Feedback welcome if you want to leave any.  (Should probably give a content warning for violence. This is a young adult war story, after all!) 

Chapters 2 and 3 are visible to all patrons: chapter 2 being here and chapter 3 being here.