Guess the Tune #107
Can anyone guess this song? Leave me a comment below! 

If you're a patron and the first to get it right here, I'll post another short cover song of your choice! 




Longer backstory/explanation that you don't need to read unless you're confused and would like clarification regarding the Instagram game:

As many of you already know, I've been posting "Guess the Tune" violin covers every single Monday on Instagram since long before I joined Patreon. It's structured like a game on there: The first person to name the song gets to pick the tune for the next week, so on and so forth. I love doing it! That's not gonna change; nothing about the Instagram game is changing, so if you already play it there, don't worry! The only thing that's different now is that if you're a patron who correctly names the song here, I will ALSO post a short violin cover of your choice! Here are some more guidelines if you're still confused:

  • Patron song requests made here won't be integrated into the official #GuessTheTune game on Instagram, so if you're really into the main game, I recommend still playing it via Instagram. Patron guesses made here will just be standalone short cover videos (30-60 seconds).
  • An exception to the above rule is that if no one on Instagram correctly guesses the official #GuessTheTune, I'll use a patron pick as the next official #Guess TheTune selection.
  • It doesn't matter whether someone on Instagram has already gotten it right or not! The Instagram winner will still get to pick the next song, as usual. If a patron guesses it here after the fact, I'll still do your song too though.
  • Yes, I know this means patrons can "cheat" by scoping out the Instagram comments and then making their "guess" here. That's okay. Most of my patrons aren't on Instagram to begin with, and I have a feeling you all have better things to do with your time anyway! I don't like enforcing rules, so I don't reallllly care. If you accidentally peek and see the answer, can't unsee it, then feel guilty about guessing here, please don't worry about it! It's okay. If you feel super guilty, you can just offer an extra fun fact about the song (or not! or whatever!) I'm sure it's no secret that I'm just a hell of a lot more lenient and open with patrons, since y'all operate on good faith and support of me anyway. I want you all to feel valued.
  • I post Guess the Tunes on Instagram every Monday (in the spirit of #MusicMonday), so it will still be Monday postings here too!
  • On Instagram, I give a Wednesday deadline for guesses. Here, I'll just leave it open for the week (or maybe longer? Depends on how many people end up playing over time). 

Last but not least, this is an experiment! If it ends up getting too unwieldly, I'll stop posting them here, or I'll just do it intermittently.  Thanks in advance for bearing with the learning curve! At the very least, hopefully you can enjoy an occasional fun violin cover video from me.