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Here's a photo that my first and closest musical partner, ginzu333, took in Osaka while recording his new guest verses for my imminently forthcoming album with Ambition. We started making beats and rhyming on 4-track tapes together in 1996! He mostly plays drums in rock bands now (and is a engineer raises a family in Japan), but i feel so fortunate when i can squeeze some hip-hop out of him. You can study some of his sporadic output from over the years at his SoundCloud so as to get some sense of what he'll bring to the table! The song featuring him is called "S. Morganstern" and it's a bummer! Heyo!!
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Oh plus the occasional secret bonus I guess who knows??? Only the $1 Patreots.

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Even if a label puts it out and can't afford to give me a bunch of free copies for this purpose, I will walk to the STORE in a SNOW STORM and I will BUY you a copy and have the CONFUSED STORE CLERK autograph it for you!  And mail it to your house!  HAPPILY.

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(b) let's be honest - if I sent you this EVERY month, your house would quickly qualify for its own episode of Hoarders, and I don't want to get my big break on TV by being the reason a whole bunch of cool rap nerds are on Hoarders next year.

*not in the sense of "twice a month," but in the sense of "once every two months and I'm bi."

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Finally... blissful release.

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