[Guide] How to setup Unity to develop PS Vita Games

Original guide by robin994 (forum topic) all credits goes to him, I just re-post his guide with some small tweaks to simplify it and also help more Unity devs get started with PS Vita games.

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1. Install Unity 2017.4.2f2

2. Install UnitySetup-Playstation-Vita-Support-for-Editor-2017.4.2f2

3. Launch Unity and from the top menu select: Help > Manage License > Activate New License

4. Put the license key for PS4 and PS Vita development  to activate

5. Create the folder PSVITA in the location where you want to put the SDK, i will use C:\PSVITA\ as default location for this tutorial

6. Extract "SDK-3_570_011" to C:\PSVITA\

7. Extract  "libsecure-2.4.6 - 3.570.071" to C:\PSVITA\

8. Extract "SNC-3_570_1" to C:\PSVITA\

9. Install "TMServer-3_60_0_2"

10. Install the following tools:

  • USBDriver-Win64-1_80_0_70253
  • ContentManagerAssistant-3_3_0_7825 (If you have already installed CMA be sure to uninstall it first)
  • PublishingTools-2_31_0_1669

Set up the Environment variables:

- On Windows 10 select Search and search for "variables" and select "Edit System Environment Variables". In the new Window click the Environment Variables... Button at the bottom

- Under the System Variables Window click New, for the Variable Name enter SCE_PSP2_SDK_DIR and for the Value enter C:\PSVITA\sdk

- Also add the variable SCE_ROOT_DIR and link it to SCE folder, if you  haven't changed the path it should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCE\



If you did everything correctly you should be fine, you are ready to build your first Unity game for PS Vita

Build and Convert to vpk:

To Build the game from Unity make sure you have switched the selected Platform to PS Vita and you have set the Build Type to PC Hosted.

Use UnityTool to convert your built game to vpk. You can Drag n Drop a "PC Hosted" build folder onto the program to run all operations on it. It will then create the vpk so you can transfer it to your PS Vita and install it.

To install the vpk on your PS Vita I recommend to use VitaShell. Also it is recommended to have the reF00D  plugin installed.

That's all! I hope this guide will help more PS Vita devs out there bring their games and creations to this great console even now in the end f it's official production. Hopefully the awesome PS Vita community will keep this console alive for years!

Special thanks to robin994 for the original guide.

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