Guidelines for Patrons at the Virgo tier.
This is an extremely limited tier! At this level, I'm going to allow up to 5 people to partner with me on a short story that we will co-write together from start to finish. The final project will not exceed 10,100 words nor go below 5,000 words. 

Given the nature of this tier, people pledging at this level will not be receiving an additional short story on a monthly basis. Instead for this tier I request that anyone who is interested pledge no later than the 5th day of the month and that they remain pledged for a minimum of two months to ensure that our story reaches its full potential. The story should be posted (if a patron pledges for the full two months) by the second month's final Saturday. If a patron decides to pledge for less than two months, the story will be posted once we both are satisfied with it within two weeks after their pledge has ended. 

Communication will be similar to the Cetus and Ursa Major tiers, however there will be much more regular, in depth discussions given the nature of this project. 

I hope this helped clear things up moving forward with this new tier!