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Guiding Document - Rational Politics
Patrons, this is probably the piece I'm proudest of this month. It's not meant to be published in a broad media venue, but shared via modern word of mouth (meaning social media and email). It's the guiding document for the Rational Politics (RAP) project, which I am coordinating. 

RAP gathers thoughtful citizens devoted to spreading rational thinking and wise decision-making in the political arena, as we see the lack of these practices as the worst problem for our society in terms of how important, neglected, and solvable it is. To address this fundamental issue, we aim to use best practices in communicating and marketing to convey to the citizenry the vital role of evaluating reality accurately using research-based methods. As a result, we help people make wise political decisions to improve our society. RAP is a subproject of Intentional Insights (InIn), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting rational thinking and wise decision-making in politics and other areas of life to bring about an altruistic and flourishing world. 

A number of you have already given feedback on this document, and it's already in good enough shape to share it with your contacts. For those of you who have not given feedback, I welcome you to do so. Otherwise, please read it and get engaged to the extent you're comfortable with doing so. Also, please share it widely on social media and via email. Thank you!

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