Guild Wars 2 - Bloody Halloween Finished
Ryoko - If you must know I bit Logan.
Kaita - You bit him?
Ryoko - Only a little.
Kaita - That is a lot of blood for a "Little" bit.
Ryoko - He deserved it, He was stealing candy from Childern.
Kait - Uhhh... huuh... Are you sure that costume isn't going to your head?
Ryoko - You're one to ask, Straw for brains. 

Sorry for this bit of silliness. I just had to draw it after finally finishing this Halloween costume set in Guild Wars 2. Also the comment about Logan stealing from Children is from a blooper's reel that was posted by Anet on soundcloud. If you listen about 17 second in you will hear the part I'm talking about. 

Well, I hope some of you enjoy this. Took longer then I expected, didn't plan to do it in colour, but it kept nagging at me all night long.  

Well enjoy. I'll get to work on more art tomorrow. 

Hope you all have a safe Halloween.