Guild Wars Prophecies - Let's Play 00004
Hello, darkness; my old friend. Several years ago, the first Let's Play I ever attempted was Guild Wars 1.  I did so because Guild Wars 2 was about to come out, and I wanted people to have a resource to see where the second game came from.  I quit when I became aware of another Guild Wars Let's Player who was already doing that, and doing it much better than I was (one follower mentioned he used my Let's Plays to help him combat insomnia).  Wooden Potatoes (look him up) set a pretty high bar for Guild Wars Let's Plays.

But, Guild Wars is still one of my favorite games, and I've been missing it.  I don't care much for Guild Wars 2, honestly; so I decided it was time to return to Ascalon (so much lore...look up the real life Ascalon).

Videos 1 - 4 cover the introductory quests and just get us going on training our new warrior.