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Guinea Boo-Boo
My guinea pig Domino as a beauty pageant contestant. This photo and a few others are being used in a web series by Nicolas Caesar. The shoot itself was a lot of fun for me and Ken-- probably not so much for Domino (she especially hated the swimsuit leg holes). Costumes were found at PetSmart and the accessories cobbled together from various areas of Joann's Crafts.

This photo is especially my favorite because she looks completely passed out from a fun day in the sun; what really happened was that since guinea pigs HATE being put on their backs, we had to bribe her with carrot to get her to stay still-ish. She's still chewing in this photo.

Ken did the lighting and stage dressing (a black tablecloth on the couch!) all by himself. All the editing was done in Lightroom and I had to get creative with the "de-haze" effect set in reverse to give the images that soft, glowing quality you see in cheesy glamour shots. Unfortunately, using the Clarity slider only works well on human skin and not on fur.

I'm told that when Nic went to pick these up at Walgreen's, the counter guy looked really uncomfortable.

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