Guitar effect patches zoom g5

guitar effect patches zoom g5

Guitar effect patches zoom g5

My biggest is was that fact that it was overly complex. This is a great unit for the money. Well worth the money. There seems to be little you cannot do with this pedal board when it comes to getting the sounds but not the voices you are hearing in your head. I was skeptical at first because out of the box, it sounded like a POS and sounded even worse through the practice PA. To get to any given effect you have to scroll through ALL the other effects until you reach the one you want and there are a lot of them. When it came it was surprisingly small. All it does is crank the volume up 10 fold, which is rather annoying when using headphones. Regardless of musical tastes, there is an amp model for you!

Overall, I would recommend this pedal to any guitarist. My practice setup right now is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, with a Line 6 Spider IV 15, so nothing too special, but I can tell what will translate over well when I go on stage. This is a fun pedal to experiment with. The sounds of the amp models is incredible.

I was skeptical at first because out of the box, it sounded like a POS and sounded even worse through the practice PA. It comes with a copy of Cubase for recording, which was a nice surprise. I set it on clean and use only the pedal to color the tone. My other complaint is that the 12AX7 feature is absolutely pointless on this. I used 3 patches to get this sound, and then a couple of effects from cubase. OVERALL The cons are heavily outweighed by the pros here.

Guitar effect patches zoom g5

Also has built in drum tracks and tuner, comes with AC adapter. It is not easy to change patches on the fly, might be a problem on stage if you use a lot of patches, but when I am on stage I like to keep things simple, better one flexible good-sounding patch that a bunch of patches.

But I have found several effects that go well with my bass, and enjoy the ones that work. Drum machine sounds great and the looper is awesome. I would say the VOX sounds as good, if not better. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

Very little menu diving. There are many different effects, which adds up to endless possibilities. Yes-ish, but be weary.

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