Guitar Goddess SHIRTS Available + HUGE Giveaway!
Hello friends,

I am so excited to announce the launch of our very first Guitar Goddess T-shirt! This is something that I have been planning for such a long time & I can't believe it's actually happening. 

I wanted our community to have something that we could all wear that represented the true meaning of Guitar Goddess. No matter what level of experience you have or what style of music you play, if you just simply enjoy playing your guitar, you are a Guitar Goddess.

You all mean so much to me & I love sharing my passion with you. Thank you for supporting this crazy dream I have and for helping me spread my message to so many people around the world. I am forever grateful.

If you'd like a shirt & would like to know how to enter the contest, check out the video for more info! Shipping IS international for those wondering! :) 

Love & positive vibes,


P.S. - If you're a guy, you are more than welcome to get the shirt for yourself! There are already a few guys in the community who have been so supportive and are stepping up to rock the Guitar Goddess t-shirt. If you don't want to, that is totally OK and I still love you! I wanted our first shirt to have "Guitar Goddess" on it because that is the name of my channel. :) But, don't worry! I have awesome stuff planned for all my Guitar Goddess GUYS out there. ;) 

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