'Gun Dogs'
Another early teaser of my game 'Gun Dogs'. The name is likely to change and so are the characters, which are incredibly basic at the moment! 3 Environments have been created though, meaning 3 levels and a final boss.

This is actually a reworking of a similar game I made in my 1st year at Uni using GameMaker but I won't be continuing with that engine. When I come back to this game I'll be moving all the assets over to Unity.

The 1st version was all created in Maya and I took pictures of all the assets from a top-down view, to give it a simple polygonal style. My Lecturer told me he shows it to the kids at his school! 8/ Something to do with allowing gore in a game as long as it's comedic. If I can find it, I may upload it one day to see how bad it looked..

This new version of 'Gun Dogs' however, has all been drawn on my Galaxy Note 5! I do have a Wacom tablet, but I spend a lot of spare time drawing on my phone - so they'll be plenty of that coming soon! :)

The game is based on an old classic, that I loved growing up, 'Ikari Warriors' on the c16. Yes, I'm _that_ old! :/ So I'll be trying to take a lot of the goodness from ikari and mixing it with my own ideas with an extra splash of gore and bones. Lovely.