GURPS101: Dungeon Fantasy Sharpshooter Power-Ups

Wavefunction does a follow-up to Merlin Avery's excellent post on sharpshooter's in Dungeon Fantasy. This time it's new power-ups. This post is super-crunchy and full of win.

The Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter has reached its first bonus PDF goals. We're about $22,000 away from the other two. We have 8 days to go. That means we only need about $2,800 a day to get there. WE. HAVE. TO. GET. THERE. Spread the news. Give until it hurts. Doo eet! Remember, all w23 sales of GURPS and Pyramid count toward stretch goals so even if you don't back the kickstarter you can help out by filling the holes in your collection!