GURPS101: Latin Isn't the Only Magical Language
What day is it? Is it time for another blog post? I think it is. Yeah, we're going to go with that. My glucose has been super-wonky and I haven't slept for five or six days straight now. So if this doesn't make sense it's not my fault. OK. Maybe it's my fault, but you can't blame me. OK, you can blame me, but it's really Evil Goatee Me's fault (or am I Evil Goatee Me, but shaved it off?). Where was I? Oh, yeah, Latin, man. Why in the bloody nine hells is Latin the only language people go to for purloining words for their magic? There is a ton of interesting languages out there that are worth stealing from. For the love of all that's holy people, STOP USING LATIN. And I'm as guilty as the rest of your words-of-magic-sinners, but come on...there are so many cool things you can steal from. You don't even have to use real languages. What about Enochian? John Dee basically invented it wholesale, but it's kind of awesome. Any ways, I have a few choice picks of languages I'd kosh and run with metaphorical arms loaded with.