Gurren Lagann The Satire
(Future posts with spoilers for this parody will be patron-only)

So given the recording freedom we now have thanks to having a booth built in our home, I'm personally afforded time to use on pet projects. s a result, I'll be returning to making an old Parody of mine called Gurren Lagann The Satire. Long-time fans will remember it, new fans will have no idea what I mean.

The only really strong evidence of the Satire is this TvTropes page some old fans had been working on back in the day:

Unlike the reboot of Bleach Abridged when ProjectMouthwash started, this is going to start with basically an entirely loyal remake of existing episodes with updating sound quality, fx, fixed pacing, better leveling and some very minor changes. After we're caught back up to where we were we'll be continuing onwards into new content.

As with all parodies we make, the episodes will be available early to patrons. This will be worked on entirely in my down-time when Digimon and Bleach can't be worked on. Essentially in the periods where we're waiting for people to come over and record or we're scripting.

(For new fans, the reason the opening above says "Chapter I" is because when we did the Satire we called story arcs/seasons "Chapters" and individual episodes "Acts", and used roman numerals for all the numbering. We'll probably do that again. It was an odd choice, but looking back it was kinda neat.)

And thank you, Patrons! It's thanks to the scheduling freedom I have now that I can put energy into things like this. There's a lot of things I've wanted to do on the side that I couldn't, but now they're entirely possible. Expect to see more like this in the future.