Guten Morgen Jeder!
Good Morning Everybody! :P  Have you ever found yourself in the late evening hours wishing I was streaming for an hour so that my acrid screams could wisk you away into the land of slumber or the booming explosions of kerbals dying for science could peacefully set your brain at ease?  You are in luck! At least for a test period you are in luck.

Last night I had a discussion with Sugar Mama about trying to add more regular streams during the week.  Albeit these will be later in the evening than my Wednesday night stream but they will still offer more streams and hopefully that translates into more laughs and gaming entertainment for you.

So the current plan is to add a few 1 hour streams during the week as time allows.

Here is the tenative schedule:Monday - 10pm to 11pm EasternTuesday - 10pm to 11pm EasternWednesday - 9pm to 11pm Eastern (Weekly)Thursday - 10pm to 11pm Eastern

I do plan to stream tonight from 10-11pm Eastern and will do my best to keep you all informed as to when the Monday through Thursday schedule will be interrupted or if we will add a Friday into the mix.

Cheers & Happy Gaming!

Matthew a.k.a. Scoti Garbidis