GUTHRIE GOVAN - FIVES - Animated Tab For download detailed PDF and Multi speed slow motion videos click the folowing link: If you like this concept, please support me on Patreon and gain access to exclusive content such as slow-motion video tabs, backing tracks and detailed pdf tab content. Patreon: Facebook: Google: Website: Guthrie Govan - Fives - Animated Tab 1 - Original tempo - 152 Bpm: 0:15 2 - Slow motion - 110 Bpm: 4:48 2 - Slow motion - 60 Bpm: 6:00 The Digil Music channel provides fast guitar lessons, bass and drums through animated tablatures and notation. It aims to provide additional information to all the musicians who follow videos of your/our favorite artists and wishing to cover their themes and licks.This is a hobby for us, with all the admiration and respect for the artists we post here .All the credits belong to their respective authors and publishers. If you like this concept, please subscribe to our channel.