The Guy with the Chair Part 001
This city is a cesspool. Always has been. Every couple a years, some guy comes around sayin' that he's gonna change that, but no one ever has. Odds are, no one ever will. It obviously hasn't done any a that changing while I've been here. So some thing comes into my house and tells me I can do something to make it all better, I tells 'em that better men than me've tried and it doesn't do jack.

It made a face when I said that, said that no one does jack anymore if they know what's good for 'em. Thought that was kinda funny, so I let 'em in.

When I set up in this neighborhood, half the buildings had squatter in 'em, and the other half meth labs. Now that I'm top dog around here, it's 'low rent housing' and 'glass factories'. It's all organized now, and I get a cut of everything that goes down.

Now, I'm not exactly stupid. I know some things, like expensive shit makes you look more impressive and always have muscle around that's loyal to yer cash. So when the thing talks, I make with the fact checking on my phone. Some company called the Vanatis Garage got shut down but the records are all sealed so pretty much nothing they're saying is confIrmable. It's possible they're sayin' stuff that's true, but it's way more likely they're tryin' to pull a scam a some sort. Grifters do that shit, make their way in with a good story and pull in yer hard earned dough.

And there it is, wantin' free room an' board. That right there's step one of the con. Get in with the mark. Ain't no one plays me for a fool. I signal my guys to put a bit of scare on the grifter. Ha, din't expect me ta see through yer act, did ya. Have ta hand it to 'em though, they sure recovered fast. Super calm now.

I explain that this is my town, and around here, no one pulls anything I don't get a cut of. That on top of that, I'm nobodies fool and there ain't a trick in the book that's gonna catch me off guard. And since you obviously didn't get the message before coming up here I was gonna take it easy on 'em, just have the boys teach yous a little lesson before you get outta here.

I tells my muscle to have at, and then all hell breaks loose.