GW2: Fractal changes and Legendary Back piece
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Thanks for the Support, You are now an Inkling! Welcome to the club.

Ad-Block Absolution
Patrons donating just $1.00 per month are giving far more than every ad they could possibly watch in a month.  Therefore, donators at this level get the reward of Ad-Block Absolution!  You can now use Ad-Block software GUILT FREE!  This also helps combat all the demonitization that is happening with Youtube currently.

  • You'll receive a personalized thank you message.
  • Access to private Patreon only posts. Keeps you up to date on whats going on.
  • Direct contact via messages here on Patreon
  • Access to Patreon Discord and obtain the very special Patreon Rank and access to a Patreon only section on discord.
  • Twitch Popup and shoutout once a month just like Twitch Subs get.
Includes Discord rewards
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Way to step it up Ink-spot! 
  • Everything from the lower Tier
  • You'll get to see a Patreon ONLY monthly Vlog from me, about my personal life, the channel, where I talk openly and freely about everything. (NDA's not included in "everything")
  • Automatically entered in monthly giveaways here on Patreon. (1200 Gems for Guild Wars 2)
  • Listed on the Thank you card at the end of my Youtube videos 
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You're no longer a spot, now you're an Ink-blot!
  • Everything from the lower Tiers
  • Priority to join me in GW2 or Any game that I play. Be it a round of sPVP, Fractals, etc. Where there is limited space, there is you first.
  • Send me your name in Guild Wars 2, Blizzard and Steam and I'll add you to all of those platforms.
  • I follow you on Twitter - You need to send me your twitter handle.
  • THIS TIER DOES NOT INCLUDE MOVIE NIGHT, that is a separate Tier.
Includes Discord rewards
Movie Buff
$11 or more per month
This is a special tier where we'll watch movies once a month together. Our library is quite extensive.
Includes Discord rewards
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Forget the spots and blots, You are an Ink-well! There is almost none higher in regards. 
  • Everything from the lower Tiers
  • Life Time access to my google drive. This is where all the ad-free content is posted. Current Vlogs, as well as past content and other behind the scene videos / written articles.
Includes Discord rewards
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