GWG Swags!
Because of capitalism, there's a lot of sales happening right now! Redbubble always tends to have them though, but there's 25% off apparel and 20% off everything else so if you want to hook yourself up with GWG Swag before the holidays, now's a great time :)
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Patrons Only
$1 or more per month 28 patrons
Access to the a Greatway Games Slack channel, where we can continue conversations brought up on the show, talk about game we're all playing, share frequent pet updates, and post all the gifs your heart desires!
$3 or more per month 20 patrons
Access to the 15/15 minisodes, where Adrienne, Erin, and Nicole gab about games. 15/15 stands for "15 minutes on the 15th of the month," and counts as a bonus episode of the podcast! You'll also get access to our Slack channel as well.
$5 or more per month 17 patrons
Get Patron Exclusive swag! Show your support with some awesome swag featuring art from Greatway's friend Greg Browe. Swag will be available to pick up at Origins or Gen Con 2017; if you will not be at either convention, we'll mail it to you! Also get access to 15/15, and access to our Slack channel.
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