GXTalks Rides Again!
Howdy y'all! We've wrangled up another batch of early-access panels for ya, so gather round and check out your selection! We've rounded up panelists like Tanya DePass, Gil Almogi, Carolyn Petit, Kitty Stryker, and more! They've gathered around the fire to discuss everything from journalism to cosplay, so get along, li'l doggie, and start watching these panels!

GXTalks: GX3 • Day 1 - Journalists Discuss: Actual Ethics in Game Journalism

GXTalks: GX3 • Day 2 - How To Be Nice to People That Hate You

GXTalks: GX3 • Day 1 - Gayme Design Declassified

GXTalks: GX3 • Day 1 - Streaming Your Queerness

GXTalks: GX3 • Day 1 - Costumes, Cosplays, & You

As a bonus, the panels from last week will stay exclusive to you up through Friday as an apology for them being a bit late. Sorry again! Hopefully being able to lord TEN exclusive panels over your friends was worth it.

Please make sure to check out the Kickstarter for GX4, too! There's only seven days left for us to hit our stretch goals! We'll see you again next week, and thanks!