Ha! Ok... Let's try this again...

Howdy y'all,

So, I did say creating this cool forum for you was an experiment.... 

...and sometime experiments just blow up in your face!

I made the announcement about a new forum for our readers yesterday.  It's just for Patrons like you right now, so you use your Patreon login to create an account.

And then two seconds after I posted, the Patreon site began to crash. Over and over. For like two hours...

So no one was able to log in. 

And then once Patreon was back on its feet, there was a setting in the forum software I forgot to turn off. So, again people couldn't create accounts...

Oh! And I promised this cool and fun tutorial taught by a disco robot! 

But then that was broken yesterday too...

I messed up, y'all. I'm sorry. 

I'm usually really good at testing stuff ahead of time, but I've been working on this forum software for the past year, and I was just so excited to share it with you, I got a wee bit ahead of myself.

So, if you'll forgive me and give this another chance, I think I've gotten everything fixed now.

Please go to https://community.amwcomics.com/login and click the Sign Up button.

If you're logged into Patreon, you just have to click "Allow" to create a new account for the forum. If you're not logged in to Patreon, you'll get a Patreon log in prompt. 

You'll then be able to change your username to whatever you want, and you'll be off to the races.

From there

1) Please take a quick moment to Introduce Yourself. (It's so nice to get to know more about you as people. It's one of my favorite things.)

2) Try the 5 Minute Tutorial Taught By A Disco Robot (It's a fast and fun way to learn about the cool features)

3) Try leaving a comment for the current webcomic page (it will show up above the Disqus comments on the webcomic site)

And then explore and have fun. Dave already posted something epic in the Lounge that folks are reacting to.

(And speaking of brave explorers: let me send out a very special shout out to patrons Nadin B., Benoit C., James W., Claire E., Angela S., John S., Shawn C., Gary, James M., Inidis, Jim, and David P. for jumping through the insane hoops yesterday and creating accounts. Another sign of what superheroes we have for readers!)

Come join me and your fellow patrons over at


and let me know what you think.

Considering the in-depth discussions y'all have already, I think super-high-quality forum software will be a great fit for us. Y'all really deserve the best. :)

Thank you for being such superheroes!

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