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Habddar's Grey Fortress
Rocky hills overlook the poor farming lands along the eastern coastline of the Empire. Most people live by fishing and herding in these lands because the rockiness of the land makes cropping very difficult. However, it does provide for the kind of terrain that is easily defended against invading forces – making this area one of the more frightfully “independent” regions under Imperial control. Many caves pepper the rocky hills, and fortresses and watchtowers sprung up along the hillsides during the generations of conflict between man and dwarves and the collapsing empire of the elves. Habddar’s Fortress, also known as the Grey Fortress or Habddar’s Grey Fortress (because of the particularly light grey stone used in the construction) sits on the edge of one of these rocky hills, and connects to the caves on the opposite face of the hill that have been used by herders and farmers as long as people remember living in the region. Habddar’s Fortress can serve any number of uses in a game – from the headquarters of a reticent lordling or freedom fighter, to the classic ruins overwhelmed by the local humanoid population that needs to be slaughtered by the local paladins. Since I don’t usually include a grid on my maps, I’ve also included a version (on the blog site) that doesn't have the grid.
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