HACK THE CRAFT: How to Keep your POV Character Front and Center in Group Scenes
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This tutorial comes courtesy of episode 126 of The Taylor Stevens Show. 

Here we work with source material that is already quite clean and, at first blush, doesn't seem to need any help. The scene is written in first person and involves a group of young people having a discussion at the school lunch tables. The author's concern was the POV character's voice got lost  within the banter among the many other characters and that, because of this, the scene felt more third person than first person. 

In this episode we show how even an already solid draft can still benefit from writing hacks. We learn: 

~~ Hands on application of where and how to utilize the thought->action->speech rule.

~~ And how sometimes that rule is meant to be broken. 

~~ How using hard stops can create a stronger impact. 

~~ The importance of clarity within multi-character interaction. 

~~ How lack of clarity in the dialogue between characters can present an opportunity to loops back to the POV character.

~~ How to utilize inner dialogue to keep the POV character immediate.