HACK THE CRAFT™: Story Element Order

There are key story elements that must show up in the opening sentences of every new chapter and scene break in a specific order for the reader's mental movie to engage. Separately, visual details (description) also have a specific order in which they must be presented for the reader's mental movie to engage. 

This HACK THE CRAFT tutorial, courtesy of episode 185 and 186 of The Taylor Stevens Show,  covers: 

~~What those key story elements are. 

~~The order they must go in.

~~Why they must show up on the page.

~~Why they must arrive in a specific order.

~~A step by step guide that uses a real-life scene break example to walk through what each of these elements looks like when properly ordered and when not. 

~~We also discuss visual details (description), where it belongs, and the specific order details must be presented for the reader's mental movie to engage.

Not included in this tutorial but available as a HACK THE CRAFT bonus is a PDF file that contains:

~~All the material used to build this tutorial.

~~Additional explanation clarity on a few points.

~~What these same techniques look like on the finished product of one of the most difficult chapter openings I worked through in LIARS' PARADOX.

~~How I used this story element hack to find the solution for what wasn't working.

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