Hack4Hope is now open for Business!
Hi Patreons! Registration is now open for our Hack4Hope Weekend Hackathon + six-month Hack4Hope Academy for the underserved youth in St. Louis. This is a dream come true. I love that we are launching in time for the summer--especially for the students who have yet to make any summer plans, as we know how wasteful that can be. Let's get them trained in the booming tech industry and put them to work! Please share our link here: http://www.nicolefranklin.com/blog/category/getting-involved-training-up-our-youth-through-tech. We are looking for 50 students as well as mentors. Thank you for sharing our news! And thank you for making this project possible!
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Congrats! You're now an official member of PEC (see above). Well done!  What do you get in return for $12 per year? All Club member benefits and a HUGE thank you which will be acknowledged on my Donor Wall at NicoleFranklin.com. Thank you! A little goes a long way!
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What can PEC members at $2/month bring?  Bringing the masses to this level can ensure a healthy Graduation Gift that goes directly to the young men of LittleBrotherFIlm.com.  They are growing up!  So many of you have helped us with many resources needed to continue as an independent production that has aided in the shift of perception of young Black men through our national media lens. 

On average each Little Brother chapter features six to seven young men. They have a lot of fans in our EPIPHANY Inc. network. We are at the halfway mark with our 10-chapter filming goal and in reviewing the numbers I have exciting news. We have enough fans now to begin distributing a $1,000 stipend to each young man as he enters into adulthood. Read more here.
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The idea of $5 is a comfortable one for me as I donate this amount to my local public radio station. At EPIPHANY Inc. we consider the subject matter and tone of our films a public service. Allow us to be there for you.  You are an official PEC member for $5/month and receive all member benefits. Thanks for boosting our funds to fund a feature!
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Ideal for businesses and corporations, become our patron for $15 per month and EPIPHANY Inc. will get your business name out there, engaging potential customers more than most paid advertisements will do. With 500 per month views on NicoleFranklin.com and 10,000 views per week on Google+, allow me to support you supporting me by getting the word out to customers everywhere! Thank you PEC members!
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At the $30 per month level you'll receive all of the above.  For businesses, you will also receive a "sponsored content" online interview to be archived on YouTube.  For individuals, thank you for contributing at this level on a monthly basis. Once we reach our funding goal, we have a number of PEC member incentives including discounts from sponsors who are virtual assistants, personal career coaches, wardrobe and culinary coaches as well. Let's expand your network and your life!
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Large contributions are always welcome.  For a minimum of $100 (and there is no limit after), you'll receive all of the above, plus copies of the produced films. Let's also talk about your media strategy and make plans through the course of several meetings. Being a PEC member is fun. And at this level, the possibilities are endless!
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