Well I mean it's Harry's but Hagrid made it 😀😆   

I'll be finishing up everyone's cake "order" today, and will upload a photo when it's all done! However, I'm working on a new packaging so it might take another week or so before I can mail it out. (The giveaway items too!!) Don't worry though, it'd get to you...eventually 🙃 

Please bear with me since I'm still trying to get used to the new schedule (believe it or not) and the giveaways kind of confuse me sometimes 😱 I really have to buck up in this area 😭

This week I'll be doing more of admin work since from Friday onwards till next Monday I'll be out of Singapore for an Aikido event 😶 Can't wait to get everything kind of sorted out, Harry Potter cakes done, and also finished updating the photo gallery on my website FINALLY. 

I'll try to get a proper tutorial article for this Harry Potter cake up on my website this week too woohoo! And if time allows.....I'll paint a little something related to Harry Potter to end this series with watercolour 😉