The half-a'ed blog post for December
I did a series of drawings with pen, india ink and copic markers a while back, scanned them into my computer and totally forgot about them until about half an hour ago. And it is super annoying how well they look on the computer and how small and rather 'ordinary' they look in real life.

This one was done on a thick stiff watercolor paper and I think it is about 8.5" x 11", but I could be wrong. This piece is 'somewhere' in my flat files. I tend to make things and then throw them out or effectively lose them forever.

- - - - - 

I also made a series of abstract animated videos even further back that resemble sketches in their color and lines. I took snaps of the videos, so I have images but no video, anymore. That was the purpose, to capture them, in moments.

This image can be big or small, I've a large file of it and have some plans to turn this into a digital print. 

2018 is full of promise, and more than that it is full of intentions and doings and hurdles -- pushing past plateaus, beyond what I think I think I am capable of. Of course, being realistic about how many hours are in the day is a big factor.

- - - - - 

A random movie recommendation. Chappie.

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