Half Done! With the top 10 undead video
At the halfway point its only 13 minutes. Not bad, I thought the video would be a little longer.

So yah, I've been writing the script for the video off and on for about a month, finally finished it up on monday and started working on the video.  For a video that I know wont do well I sure as hell am spending a lot of time on it, but then again thats kinda the nature of a lore top 10. You have to create a lot of the footage

What does "creating" footage mean? Well lets take my last video as an example. Say I want to talk about the lil'ragnaros pet. All I'd have to do is simply film it in place for a few seconds, or just record a pet battle or some shit. But what If I need to talk about, say, Thoras Trollbane? He only exists in the game as a deathknight order hall champion.  And I dont have a deathknight. So how do I get footage of him? Well there are 3 ways to solve that problem

1.) Record unrelated footage that kinda has to do with him. Since Thoras is from stromgarde, I could just record random places of stromgarde and just cut to them randomly. Thats what Doronmovies and Nobel do a lot with their videos.

2.) Steal someone elses footage. Like just download a video of someone doing the orderhall quest for Thoras and just give them credit in the video. I like to avoid doing this whenever possible, and if your not actively talking about the footage your using, and just using it at B-roll footage while you talk about something kinda related thats not really fair use and its murky waters.  Like for instance, if I'm specifically talking about the Thoras questline and show someone else footage of them DOING the quest line, then thats fair use. But if I'm just talking about Thoras in general and dont even mention the questline, thats just using the footage as B-roll, or stock footage, which is not really fair use. You see why its complicated and why I try to avoid it? Plus in both instances I could still get flagged anyway.

3.) Create footage from scrap. This can involve making a short machinima, or doing a still motion machinima, or just showing a still image and panning across it. I can also do 2.5D images which give still images the illusion of movement, but that takes a while to do. Creating footage is very time consuming and is a 2nd resort after option 1. Now that I think of it I should have put this option at number 2 and not 3.  Option 2 is a last resort.

Anyways, I had to create some footage, and also get some difficult to get footage. I did the entire intro worgen starting zone questchain to get like 20 seconds of footage. That was 1 hour and 30 minutes of questing for 20 seconds.  Probably didnt have to do it, but I didnt think it would take that long. Plus now I have the footage for if I ever need worgen starting zone footage in the future.

On a related note, thank god my past self saved all the footage from my old ironman streams. I went through a lot of the questlines in those streams that are mentioned in the video so I could just go and grab the footage there, rather than have to go out and do it again. I've saved myself so many hours of footage gathering because of that.