Half-octopus Snuggles

Here’s Dean and Cas the half-octopus from the precious, precious fanfic Little Star by @brainheartpizza on Tumblr, aka secret_samadhi on Ao3. The mental images were too cute not to draw a picture of some kind. If you have had too much angst, and want to read the written equivalent of a ray of sunshine, you should read this story. It has three chapters so far, which means there will be more of this to read eventually (I’m really looking forward to that!)

Things to love about the fic: the writing style is sweet and has a lot of imagery – Cas is the cutest thing. ♥ Charlie and Benny make appearances are Dean’s friends in this AU, and are both delightfully in-character. Did I mention Dean and Cas have a bit of a telepathic bond and that Cas likes to kiss Dean’s freckles? 

It’s the softest, fluffiest cotton candy cloud of a fic. Please go read it and leave the author some love! ♥

Rated G, 10k words so far, Naps, Kisses, Freckles, Fluff, Destiel, No-Supernatural AU, Tiny Cas, Octo Cas, Asexual Dean

Check out Little Star right here on Ao3