Halfquake Roguelike
Roguelikes are super popular right now, and a few days ago I thought that Halfquake would actually work pretty well as a roguelike.

Basically, you'd start as one random victim every time. There are a certain amount of traps, say, a hundred, but every time they're arranged in a random order, except Somos is always at the end, to make sure that victims always die.

Every trap could contain some kind of clue, which would lead to alternate routes in other traps. Imagine a trap that has blackjack's face on the wall and you can progress through a door, but if you found a clue in a previous run, it could read: "Shoot the right eye three times." And it would open a different door (a shortcut that skips a handful of traps) or give you another clue.

If you follow these clues, they create a long chain of a metagame that gets you to figure out who is behind the institute, or how you can affect the outcome the random arrangement of the traps. Maybe in the end you can deactivate Somos' shield, so that you can finally damage him and win.

Only to die again.

Again and again.