Halfway there! Thanks for your incredible support!
It's been less than three days since we launched this Patreon page, and the response from the community has been incredible!

After 24 hours, our first (ambitious) goal of $3000/month to hire Juan full time was already 40% funded, and now short of 3 days in we are past the 50% milestone. We still get a steady influx of new patrons, so the $3k goal is definitely within reach!

We are amazed by such a start and want to thank everyone of you for your support and trust in our project! (Apparently, Patreon itself did not expect such a success as it sends us automated emails telling us to "tell about the page to our family" to build an initial base of patrons to look credible :þ)

We had some nice feedback from GDquest on the Patreon presentation page and could improve it, adding some screenshots and more details about Godot itself - it did not need much content to convince existing community members to support us, but to go beyond that and reach the broader Patreon community, we should give people the opportunity to discover and be amazed by Godot, "the game engine they waited for" :)

In other news: if you haven't read it yet, check Juan's latest blog post where he shares his game developer experience under the clickbait title How to make your dream game and publish it!

Stay tuned for more infos, especially about the incoming 2.1.4-stable release and a second alpha build for 3.0!

Credits for this post's awesome illustration go to Kkolyv from Godot's Discord server!