Halloween Monsters Requests!

Hey everyone! I'm tossing in a bonus this month for requests. All patrons get a monster request, even if they're at the $3 copper tier. It won't use any of your normal requests for the month.

These monsters will appear in the Halloween issue of BroadSword.

Here's what I need from you if you want to participate:

  • A brief 100 words or less description of the monster, specifically what makes it scary.
  • The monster needs to probably be CR 8 or less. Higher CRs take up too much space.
  • No IP-protected monsters ("Jason Voorhees, It, etc."), which includes some of WotC's IP. If you're not familiar with what can and can't be used, check out monsters by SRD guidelines online. 
  • Scary stuff only. Joke requests like "my mother-in-law hur hur" will be ignored.
  • There's no guarantee I'll make this particular request or that it'll ultimately appear in BroadSword. But since I'm beholden to the subscribers, I will, no doubt, create the content either way. :)
  • Leave your request in the comments below.

When the book goes into print in October, your request will appear plus your name credited. I'm aiming to have about 30+ monsters in it, so it's first come first serve. 

Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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