Halloween updates!

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Obligatory Halloween Pun!

Happy Halloween, rioters! There are so many great indie horror games out around this time of year, it's impossible for us to cover them all. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some gems!

Creepypasta Contest!

If you all remember, last year we did a Halloween edition of our show. This year we're adding a little something special in the form of a contest!

Write a short 500 to 1,500 word short horror story (AKA Creepypasta) and we'll choose our favorite among the IGR crew. For full info, check out the link below!


Catching Up!

The catch-up process is coming along briskly! As a lot of you know, we've fallen behind on releasing the edited version of our show. At the moment, you are probably not seeing much of the show release on our site, but never fear! The show is being rendered and will be released in quick procession once everything is caught up.

Behind the scenes, I (Josh) am keeping editing to a bare minimum in order to get everything released. That means everything between segments will remain in the version uploaded to Youtube/our site. This is mainly to get everything caught up, but also so those of you who find it hard to make it to our live show can get a taste of the nonsense that ensues!

Also, a lot of people have been asking about the audio-only version of the show. That will also be released once the videos are posted. Keep an eye onTwitter for updates!

Speaking of Twitter, be sure to spam my feed with shame to berate me for being so behind!

Other Notes:

• Thank you again to all of you who showed up to support Kira's K-9 during our last episode! We raised $600! This put's Kira just over $1,000 away from getting her much needed service dog. Remember, you can continue to donate here if you missed the show and help her reach the final goal. Any money donated past the total of $5,000 needed will go to setting up Kira's K-9 as a full-fledged charity supporting others in need of service dogs and to raising awareness for Cerebral Palsy!

• Keep an eye out for our new series of articles pertaining to tips for indie devs getting attention from press! We figure since we're press, we might as well tell you what we look for out of all the emails, tweets, etc... that we receive.

• Rev's fun little contest during IndieCade yielded zero results and therefore no prize was given. the answer was, the 2014 'Riot of the Year' award was sent off to France to be delivered toAmplitude Studios for Endless Legend! They did in fact receive it as verified in the photo to the right! (It looks freakin' amazing!) 


Thank You for Your Support!

Every day since starting Indie Game Riot, I've been blown away by the amount of support the indie game community gives to everyone within it. The rest of the IGR team and I will never be able to thank you all enough for being so fantastic to us and each other. Whether it be those of you who choose to financially support our Patreon to help IGR grow, all of you stop by our website or our streams of our episodes, we appreciate everything you do for us and the indie gaming community.

If any of you have any news, games, links, people we should interview, etc... please let us know! Head over to our contact page and tell us what we found and we may feature it on our show!

 -Your fellow rioter,

Josh "JaShinYa" Musser


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