Halloween Gem Jumble Set V
Ahh, Halloween~ Halloween! Hands down my favorite actual holiday. (It's behind "birthdays" which...come to think of it don't really count as a holiday...) But this year I was pleased to see that a majority of folks who voted on my dA poll wanted me to do some more animal form adopts like last year! So!~ These are a continuation from last year's Halloween sets -- hence this being set five rather than set one. Next Friday I'll be posting more over here on Patreon. These will be up on dA and here publicly tomorrow!~ Happy October!
 Black Opal  •  Axinite  •  Brown Tourmaline
Weaving Widow  •  Woolly Wolf  •  Ragged Recluse 

If you'd like to claim one now, please feel free to do so! They are $6 each~

Adoptable ToS

  • After purchase, you may change anything you like about the character.
  • You may trade, gift, or sell purchased characters to others.
  • When first posting an image of these characters, you must give me credit for the original design. (...Mostly because I LOVE
    to see their development!)
  • I retain the right to show this and any additional original art of these characters (by me) in future portfolios and/or galleries.
  • After purchase, you will receive the full-sized, watermark-free images of these characters.
  • By purchasing an adoptable from me, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the ToS above. 
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