Halloween Update

Happy Halloween everyone/Wan/Juan!

Was gonna post a pic of the printed copies of Lingering Solitude and Witch-Girl 2 but complications; but, YES! I have them in hand! Proof copies, very limited edition (actually only ones in the world). Still seeing about getting the cost down but they should come soon! Huat ah!

While I’m updating, have some recommendations -

TV - The Good Place is great. Pitch is extraordinary; currently these are the shows I’m actually excited about new episodes.

Games - Civ6, OMG. OMG. But it’s expensive. Offworld Trading Company is great too, it’s RTS instead of 4x, but it’s by Civ4’s lead designer, and it has the same new mechanic of putting stuff in adjacent tiles Civ6 uses, and it’s a great game until Civ6’s price drops in six months. OTC will teach you about how supply-demand economics work and exactly how brutal a monopoly can be… At least, brutal for everyone else, fucking awesome for the monopolist (monopolitan?).

And Octobear is still updating here: http://nocturne.noctalis.com/octobear.html