Halo Nightfall First Look, Agent Locke, Story Details
Halo Feed http://halofollower.com/halofeed Today we have Halo Nightfall, including story details of the upcoming digital series, Colter discusses his pre, and afterthoughts of filming, his favorite scene, a new image, and much more. Xbox has provided a first look of Agent Locke, the lead character played by Mike Colter, in the upcoming digital series, Halo Nightfall. He will also be a prominent character in Halo 5 Guardians. In the live action series, Colter plays an agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) whose team is sent to investigate terrorist activity on a distant colony world and are eventually drawn to an ancient, hellish artifact during their search. Colter has no background in the Halo universe, but he told Variety, quote “script was incredibly gripping. It introduces an intriguing and mysterious world that I wanted to know more about.” However, Colter had some hesitation. A series based on a video game, "was a new medium for" him. Colter says “Who would the audience be? How would they access the series? Fortunately, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience is one of the things that Scott Free TV and 343 values first and foremost. Not only does ‘Halo: Nightfall’ cater to the hardcore ‘Halo’ fans, but it’s also designed so newcomers to the franchise, like me, can easily enter the ‘Halo’ universe, identify with the characters and be entertained by the story being told on screen.” To paraphrase, Halo Nightfall will appeal to both Halo fans, and newcomers. With that being said, this series will likely need no background information to understand it, but supply much lore for Halo fans. Colter says “When I first heard of the project it was presented as a film that would then later be edited into chapters. So in almost every way it is a film. The only difference is that it will be released in segments.” Like Forward Unto Dawn, it was shot like a movie, but was delivered as a digital series, and was offered as a movie, like on Netflix, or with a hardcopy. Colter finally says “My favorite experience thus far would be shooting a scene in Belfast where I’m chasing an enemy who poses a serious threat to the people Agent Locke has sworn to protect through the city,” Colter said. “The scene is an action-packed sequence that involves some cool special effects and a lot of coordination with the stunt team to fulfill the director’s vision. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.” In Belfast back in late May, someone recorded part of Halo Nightfall in production, almost exactly how Colter described it as. What appears to be Colter speed walking through a group of people. So what have we learned today? Colter was hesitant about the series, but loved the script. The world is intriguing, and mysterious according to Colter. The story is welcoming of new, and old fans. The movie is shot like a movie, but cut into segments. Colter's favorite scene was in Northern Ireland, as Agent Locke is sworn to protect a city, perhaps within the city we saw back in January, with some Halo 5 Guardians concept art. Anywho, the scene in Belfast is apparently action packed, and involves special effects, and was tedious to pull off. More news at http://halofollower.com/halofeed
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