Han Solo Force Awakens Costume Build
Here I am with it all put together. For the hair, I found a great wig on Ebay. My wife give it a hair cut to match Harrison's cut for the film. I used face makeup to add Harrison's wrinkles and squint lines. I sewed a few modifications to make the shirt with proper collar. I had a black biker style jacket to start from as a base. I added the pockets and greebles and painted/dry brushed the entire jacket to get the weathered brown leather look. I also modified a pair of dark brown cotton pants to add the piping crease down the front and back and sewed the pockets shut. I found the boots on Amazon and again spray painted and dry brushed them to get the aged brown leather look. As a final touch for the costume, I added Kylo Rens light saber sticking out through the back. I'm just not showing me holding his light saber stabbing into my chest for this pose:)
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