Hand Visual Relaxation ASMR
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
The Patron-only feed
$1 or more per month 34 patrons
You will receive access to my Patron-only feed. The feed will include monthly updates and never before seen shots! I will also address your questions
Say Your Name!
$4 or more per month 4 of 75 patrons
Who doesn't love their name whispered to them? By supporting this tier, you can gets yours whispered for up to 30 seconds in a monthly video! 

"A person's name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language". 

-  I have the right to decline certain/gimmick names I deem inappropriate for the channel.

A sweet and sincere thank you.
$5 or more per month 12 patrons
  • Be noted in the description of the final video of each month to honour your patronage - Plus all lower tier rewards

You Choose The Trigger!
$20 or more per month 1 patron
For this tier, you can choose any  trigger of your liking to be included in an upcoming assortment video!

The triggers will be 5-10 minutes long and will be a part of an assortment of triggers. (Not a dedicated video).

 Note: I have the right to decline any triggers I deem unfit for the channel. 

- Includes all lower tier rewards.

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