Hands on with Patreon staff + housekeeping notes
Howdy Patrons!

Over the past couple of months, the staff at Patreon has been increasingly interested in what I am doing over here on my Patreon page, which makes me incredibly excited. I absolutely love the company, and the space that they have created for you and I to deepen our exchange with one another is something really special.

First, there was a Patreon on Tour event in March. A couple hundred creators were invited to a meet and greet and a presentation about how to use Patreon more effectively. It was pretty fantastic. 

Then in May, I was invited to a smaller meet and greet, maybe 40 of us in a bar in the East Village. I met some really great creators that night and got to chat with some great folks from the San Francisco office of Patreon, including Carla Borsoi, Patreon's head of marketing!

Monday night I was invited to attend the first ever Patreon U Bootcamp here in NYC. Only around ten creators were invited to participate, so I was really honored to attend. There were four staff members from San Francisco who had flown to NYC just to work with us. The three hour session was really powerful, enlightening, inspiring, not to mention the fact that Carla was an wonderful host in making sure I had plenty of vegan choices in the food that was provided.

Our session had four creators and four Patreon staff members, so we were able to get lots of attention on each of our processes. We talked about challenges and successes with our communities, and were able to give feedback about each others pages. I am so grateful to have had this experience! One of my biggest takeaways is that I will be less timid about how I communicate about my Patreon community. I see this as a valid (and vital) source of income for my business as a creator, and I absolutely believe that this sort of direct exchange between creators and fans is where we are collectively headed and I absolutely love it!


The Patreon crew had some great feedback for me about my page. I'm really proud to say they were impressed with what I have done so far! 

This morning I implemented the only changes that require mention to you all. I'm striving to be 100% transparent about this stuff, and would definitely love your feedback if anything doesn't feel quite right.

$1 reward tier

I unpublished the $1 reward tier. Those of you who subscribe at that level can stay there for as long as you like and you will continue to get the same rewards that you have from the start. It's just not open to new patrons anymore. As early adopters, I am so happy to keep y'all there as long as you'd like to remain!

Reward cleanup

The lists of rewards under each tier were long, unwieldily, and a little intimidating to look at. I pulled out a couple things that were redundant. The only change that you might notice is that I am no longer listing free/discount tickets to shows. These were offered "when available" which I will continue to do, along with other special perks I will be offering to all of you. It seems more tidy to offer those things when I can instead of taking up space that "maybe" kind of reward listing.


That's it! Let me know your thoughts about any of this, and AS ALWAYS thank you for being here. Now that I think about it, if you have any thoughts about your experience as a patron that you would like me to share with the staff, let me know. I have the ears of this pack of team members and I'm sure they would love to know about your experience as well!

Thanks and have a great day today!