Handy Hirelings: Down on the Docks

We've all been there. You've got a big job ahead and a cash advance, and you need just the right pair of hands to help you.

  1. Big Ricky, half-orc dock hand. Big Ricky's been working these docks for longer than darn near anyone else, and it's starting to take its toll on him. He's still got biceps as big as his head, but his back's starting to go and he'd love a big, juicy score to fund his retirement. If you can't find him by his height alone, you can usually find him by the cloud of cigar smoke or his gray pageboy cap.
  2. "Z" (pronounced "Zed.") A pale white tiefling with jet black hair and horns. Z is an analyst. Whether it's logistics, accounting or architecture, Z can tell you the strengths and weaknesses of almost every system with enough time. Z's main job is working for for one of the major warehouses, but they're more than open to moonlighting.
  3. Clug is, perhaps, the skinniest goblin you've ever seen. Everything about her seems abnormally long, from her pianist fingers to her abnormally prehensile toes. Her job is to clean and maintain all the small, hard to reach places in ships and buildings. She works on a freelance basis, and between jobs she wanders up and down the docks, often walking on her hands, hanging upside down by her feet, or doing acrobatic tricks as she goes.
  4. Bakhil Chainmane is a dwarven woman with thick, gray hair and dark skin. She serves one of the office of the harbor master as a cargo inspector, and carries a bag of intricate tools with her to assist in this job, mostly eyeglasses and measuring tools. It's said she can tell the purity of a copper ingot by smell alone. She's well-respected on the docks, and has been instrumental in uncovering many smuggling rings. If you need somebody to verify the veracity of an item, magic or mundane, she's your woman.
  5. Hyrana Wynlynn and her equine partner, John, can usually be found hauling cargo by cart across the docks. Hyrana is a flame-haired elf who has an affinity for animals like no other, and can charm anything short of a dragon. Her horse, John, is a marvel of a horse: Fast, nimble and strong. With those two and their cart, you can get anything, anywhere.
  6. Rygill Horz, anatomist. A pale-skinned human with brown hair and a ponytail. Rygill is... not a doctor, legally, but Rygill can fix most of your maladies in a timely manner. He might stop to write down how interesting the burn on your arm is before coating it in ointment, but hey, he comes cheap.
  7. Captain Gramercy Norshay, of the Sea-Beast's Lament. If you need something killed at sea, Captain Norshay is your man. One of is arms is missing below the elbow, ending in a jagged stump, the result of a shark bite. Captain Norshay is a clean-shaven half-elf with black eyes and hair. He also owns a very nice captain's hat.
  8. Hate-Evil Hake, human firebrand preacher of one of the major local deities, can generally be heard before he is seen. Hate-Evil is a strong-jawed human with dark brown hair. He spends his days— and often his nights, too— on the docks, shouting at workers and disembarking travelers alike about virtue and vice, about the church and its holy work, and so on and so forth. Hate-Evil can do some amount of healing, but his clerical abilities are focused more around removing curses, turning the undead, and having an incredibly elaborate knowledge of even the most minor holy days for most of the region's religions. Note that Hate-Evil is his actual first name, unlike...
  9. Half-dead Jack. Gaunt and wiry, Half-dead Jack is a perpetually emaciated, sunken-eyed man who works as a general goon. His skeletal appearance, combined with his towering height of 6'5", is generally enough to spook anybody causing trouble. If that doesn't work, he's quite handy with a blade, too.
  10. Dooyuzh, merchant. You need spices? Weapons? Reagents? This blue, elephant-like woman can get them for you. She can often be found in her warehouse on the docks, writing letters with the hand-like appendages at the end of her twin trunks. She speaks slowly and deliberately.

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